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About Boston Auto Painting

Boston Auto Painting is a family business, formed by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in car painting. We have a Collision Center where we offer our customers state-of-the-art technology and highly trained technicians at the factory.

We have a variety of automotive solutions so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We work with impeccable attention to detail. From our years of experience in the automotive market, we know what it takes to do an amazing job on your car.

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Step By Step

For a Perfect Result

Don’t worry about those nasty little dents and scratches that ruin your car. Our body repair technicians have mastered the method of eliminating these blemishes in a five-step process that ensures your finish is free of those nasty little wrinkles and scratches.

Chips, scratches, cracks and excessive flaking on your vehicle should be addressed before painting. Fixing such issues will help your vehicle achieve the smoothest, brightest finish possible. Our estimators examine your vehicle and suggest repair conditions.

It is the sealant that plays such an important role in establishing a barrier between old and new paint. This ensures greater shine on the entire painted surface. The right choice is all about the amount of preparatory work required for your specific vehicle.

What makes our painting service unique are two factors: the durability and appearance of the painting, including gloss, color matching and metallic appearance. We follow a quality standard that guarantees a 6-year warranty on painting services.

And it’s finally almost done, with just one step left to protect the surface. Our painting services include the application of clearcoats, not only to protect the paint, but to ensure the precision and shine to match for a seamless and incredibly well-done overall repair.

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