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Protecting the environment is a high priority for our company. We pride ourselves on using water-based paint thinners in an effort to protect our environment. 

Do you know how superior automotive body technology and water-based aquabase preserves our future? Waterborne technologies reduce volatile emissions by up to 80%, improve air quality for the work environment and community, reduce hazardous waste, closely align with OEM waterborne paint technology for an excellent color combination.

Less than 1% of collision repair facilities in the US are using water-based inks. The water-based system mixes inks with water as opposed to chemical solvents. When paints are sprayed and dried, they emit water into the air instead of chemicals. Water-based technology was first adopted in Europe and has been in use for the last 20 years due to legislation enacted in 1998. Water-based technology is also used today in Canada and California due to stringent VOC and the rest of the United States.

We also prioritized filtering all paint areas so that the paint residue turns into a solid and goes to proper disposal. All our wastewater is filtered before going into the sewer line. There’s no water from a Boston auto paint site going into any manholes.

Initiatives such as eco-friendly technologies and products allow for faster service execution, reducing cycle time and increasing production, which means returning the customer’s vehicle in post-accident condition faster and still maintaining a excellent quality.