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Professional Auto Painting

At Boston Auto Painting we offer a variety of automotive paint packages so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Painting a car is an important job, so having the proper paint supplies and technology on hand is essential if you want to produce truly professional results.

To better serve our customer, we work with a paint package consisting of standard bonding prep service, high quality basecoat, custom grade full varnish, sand/wet post-paint polish to minimize imperfections and improve shine, options for the customer to choose from thousands of colors, in addition to offering a 6-year warranty, guaranteeing our high quality standard.

We work with precision paintwork, if your car has received scratches, rust stains or collision damage, our technicians are trained to make it look like the damage never occurred. We can paint and restore all types of damage such as major accident damage, rust stains, scratches, hail damage and paint chips.

Pricing varies on all paint jobs due to customer paint selection, vehicle size and existing damage. Initial estimates will include any and all visible damage, sanding, masking, priming, painting and applicable taxes.

We also carry out various painting projects for companies and the general public, contact our experts for information on all painting jobs.